EMC Equipment Engineers

Branding & Web Design
Emc Equipment Engineers offers service and repairs for electronic and mechanical instrumentation. With over twenty years of experience, Colin McKay the lead engineer, provides lab and chemical companies with an alternative service that is faster and more cost effective than plans provided by manufactures.
The main challenge Emc faced was they were competing with manufacturers. These manufacturers have designed and built these pieces of equipment, trying to get customers to look elsewhere for servicing and repairs wasn’t going to be easy. 
The new brand
For this start up it was going to be very important to make a good first impression with prospective clients. A strong brand identity that balanced both professionalism and personality was decided as the main objective. Focus was made to the level of experience held by the lead engineer and business owner Colin Mckay. Secondly the speed and lower cost of the service was emphasised.
The logotype was the result of a lot of exploration of chemical and mechanical imagery. The final logo mark takes queues from chemical diagrams which has a nice similarity to a hexagonal bolt. 

The progression of the logo mark, inspired by chemical diagrams.

Single page website
The final stage of the branding project was a single page website. The website continues to focuses on the three main content strategies. Level of experience, speed and cost. The single page site can be digested by potential clients quickly, often these sectors have large complicated websites with reams of dry text. Our approach was to keep things simple to the point and to give it a personal touch.

Icons used to focus on the three key points; Cost, Experience and Speed

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